the team


la sorella

I find the best way of exploring my passion in life is through the flavors I love by combining wordly travels with generational recipes to recreate my absolutely favorite dishes growing up in my lively Neapolitan famiglia

Over a decade of culinary experience under my belt I strive daily alongside my amazing team to blend creativity and culinary traditions with flair to bring you what I know best…delicious food!


il fratello

With his charismatic charm and a flare for food, fun and fervor, Alessandro is the court jester of the tenacious Hotties troupe. Humor and huge portions go hand in hand for this tour de farce!

With over 10 years of experience in the food service industry, Alessandro brings his invaluable culinary skills to the table, or shall we say...Mobile Pasta Bar?

“We're thrilled to share our for Mama’s cooking with you!”


Our story

Our story begins in post-war Naples on April 29th, 1949 where a 41year old Anna Russo was going into labor with her eighth child. World War II had left a lasting impression on Italy and the South was no exception. The majority of the population was submerged in poverty during and after the war, forcing culinary innovation to become a staple for survival.

As Neapolitans had done throughout Italy’s rich history, Anna and her husband Giuseppe were determined to provide for their children and lived life with the ferocious veracity that is attributed to the passionate people of Naples. As Anna gave birth to her beautiful daughter Liliana that April night in 1949, she gave birth to generations, and in turn to Hotties Mobile Pasta Bar and Catering. Grazie Nonna!

From our humble beginnings in the culinary industry at the ripe ages of 18, Chiara and I, believed in building all of our dishes with the same freedom of expression and “to taste” ways that our mother taught us from an early age. Food and its flavor is a painting of the palate after all!

After ten years of working in a variety of kitchens, we decided the time was right to take our skills and apply them to a long overdue family dream, to bring our Mama’s one of a kind traditional Neapolitana cooking to the people. And what better way than with our own uniquely designed “trattoria on wheels” We take that same approach with everything we do; careful planning, meticulous attention to detail, a positive, fun, can-do attitude and a genuine commitment to our customer’s satisfaction.

We are so grateful, and thrilled, to be sharing this experience with you. We’d like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your special occasions and for the memories and compliments that have helped to write a chapter in our story that we could have only dreamed of calling a reality. So, you could say this really is OUR story, yours, Chiara’s, mine, our families, all of ours. And seeing as we’ve only just begun, the rest and best has yet to be written!! Grazie mille!