December 18th

DARRELL SWANSON and LACHLAN DUNCAN have been playing music since forever. For decades they have played countless concerts, venues, stages, gigs, and been in bands too many to name. DARRELL SWANSON is a seasoned musician/pianist who has played in 20 piece orchestras, recording studios and TV work. He is currently half of the duo, Red Velvet, backing vocalist Katherine Grefner who perform regularly throughout the lower mainland. As well as a drummer, LACHLAN DUNCAN became a vocalist with the very popular "Preservation of Swing Band" performing at the Hyatt for aver 20 years. Near the end of that time he also began singing for the local Bruce James orchestra where he met Darrell Swanson. Today Lachlan teaches drum for Tom Lee and locally for Bergthorsen Studios. Together these two will celebrate the evening with Xmas songs old, and new. What better way to celebrate the season, the magic of winter, and to sing with others in the cozy comfort of good food, and people! Reservations accepted! Licensed with great selection beer, wine, and xmas drinks. Performers added to guest list. This is a pass-the-hat event supporting live music! ????